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SHG-90 Self Closing Gate HingeTop Klik Hinge

Safetech self closing gate hinges are the only gate hinges on the market to feature Safetech’s patented tension adjustment system. Once the gate hinge is in place, adjustments are made with just one handy allen key, which we provide. By simply turning the key clockwise, you can increase the tension of the self closing gate hinge. As the tension changes, the system makes a clicking sound that lets you monitor just how much you’ve adjusted the gate hinge.

Not only are Safetech Gate Hinges the easiest gate hardware hinges to install and adjust, but they’re also the most well made on the market. The general duty gate hinges are crafted from fiber-reinforced polymer and engineered for bind-free operation. The UV-stabilized gate hinges will not fade in the sun, and the rustproof design ensures their longevity.

SL-50 TRiLatch

World’s Safest Pool Gate Latch

Safetech’s TriLatch is today’s ultimate solution to prevent small children from opening pool gates to access a swimming pool. Conventional swimming pool gates may comply with regulations that place the latch release mechanism at least 5 feet (1.5m) high. But, kids are clever. They’ll figure out how to use a rake or other simple tools to lift the latch knob and allow the gate to open. What makes the TriLatch system special is that two actions must be performed at the same time. First the red release button must be pressed in the center of the knob, and after that the knob has to be lifted in order to gain entry. This simply can’t be done with a garden tool, toy or other long object.

TriLatch E-coated pool gate latches are built to last by incorporating stainless steel and fiber-reinforced polymers in their construction. They resist damage from the Sun’s UV radiation, rain and other adverse weather conditions.

SL-Viper-X1 Gravity Gate Latch

Viper Latch

As a fence and gate contractor we know that a great feature of gravity gate latches is that they reliably latch when the gate is closed, keeping people and pets in or out as the situation warrants. But until now a weakness of gravity latches is the chance of hooks jamming before they engage the latching bar. This can occur when dirt, leaf residue or other particles lodge between the hooks and their guiding slots – the guiding means – that direct the hooks over the latching bar.

Safetech researchers took a close look at gravity gate latches and determined that reliable latching is tremendously improved by removing the guiding means that can trap particles and keep the hooks from engaging. The revolutionary design of the Viper Gravity Latch offers added security with the knowledge that the danger of its two independent latching hooks hanging up due to jammed guiding means are eliminated – simply because there are no guiding means.

You’ll also appreciate the Viper’s attractive yet rugged design, and it’s overall durability. High grade polymer and stainless steel components contribute to a long service life that shrugs off slams and resists UV and rust degradation.


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Safetech Hardware is an industry leading manufacturer of Pool Gate Latches, Self-Closing Hinges, Gravity Latches and many other innovative gate hardware products, which are created with a focus on quality, reliability, and you in mind.

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