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Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer School just let out for summer, but you may already be overwhelmed with having all the kids back in the house. Families can’t always afford daycare or summer camps and those who can eventually have your kids sent back to you a couple weeks before school starts. […]

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What Do REAL Customers Say About Best Fence?

Adding or remodeling a fence for your property is a big investment in your house and for your future. Narrowing down the competition to find the best deal while also getting quality product can be tough. It’s important to look for a company that provides great service and is dedicated to helping you achieve the […]


Ideas to Transform Your Backyard into the Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

Focus on Florals While adding outdoor furniture and décor can really spruce up your backyard space it’s easy to overdo it and quickly clutter up your space. If you live in a naturally wooded or flower filled area your backyard can be the perfect space to showcase all that natural beauty. Add your desired florals […]


Puppies, Dogs and Backyards!

Having trouble keeping your pup from digging under the fence? You’ve tired the quick fixes but they’re costly and only temporarily stall your pup from making your yard look like the crater-filled moon’s surface. Constantly refilling holes, burying chicken wire, or having to supervise your pet during their bathroom breaks can be nuisance or require […]


Keep Your Lawn Green All Summer Long

Despite the long hours you may spend caring for and maintaining the beautiful green color of your lawn, once summer hits, it turns into an unattractive, brown crunchy mess. Not only do you have to worry about your thirsty turf, but the dry summer season is teaming with unwanted critters that seem determined to tear […]

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Get a Quality Fence without Sacrificing Style

Is there a way to get stylish yet sturdy fencing for your property? The look of wood fencing requires constant maintenance and often cracks and fades in Florida’s harsh sun and salt-water environment. You should never have to sacrifice style! You can find the perfect sustained style with vinyl and aluminum fencing. Aluminum fencing provides […]


Child-Resistant Pool Gate and Fence Locks

Private pools are abundant in Florida where we have the luxury to enjoy them pretty much year-round. However, with warmer temperatures, and spring break finally, here there’s even more time for you and your family to play and relax poolside. Whether you already have a pool or you’re planning on building one it’s important to […]

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Choosing The Right Fencing Company

Choosing the right fencing company is an important decision and requires a lot of research. From designing to building to installment, you want a job that will be done right the first time and will last for years to come. That’s why at Best Fence Company of Jacksonville we strive to provide you with the […]

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Handrails and Rails for Your Home

At Best Fence Company of Jacksonville, we do more than just “traditional” fencing. We build and install handrails and railing for residential and commercial buildings! So, if you’re looking to boost your home’s outdoor curb appeal or need to add railings to the newly built apartment’s upper-level rooms, we have you covered. Handrails and railing […]


3 Things You Need to Know before You Buy a Fence

It’s 2019 and this is the year you are buying the fence.  Great!  As with any purchase that you can’t fully see until it is done, there are things you can find out to make sure what you expect does happen.  And that expectation and the fulfillment of that expectation depends on one thing.  The […]

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