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Add Value To Your Property This Summer With Best Fence

Best Fence Company of Jacksonville is Northeast Florida’s leading fabricator of  V inyl and Aluminum Fences for residential and commercial clients. Fencing is a beautiful investment for your home and adds value to your property. It is our mission to fabricate and install the highest quality product at a competitive price while providing unsurpassed customer […]


The Advantages of a Vinyl Pool Fence

When you think of a fence surrounding a pool, what type of fence do you envision? Most of the time, it’s an aluminum fence. Aluminum fences are great options for simplicity, stability and reliability, but have you ever considered what a vinyl fence could do for your backyard? Vinyl fences can add the decorative style […]


Adding Value to Your Property

When people are in the market to buy a house they often have their “Must Have” list and a yard with a fence is almost always on that list. Having a fence already on the property is a big perk to many potential buyers. It not only gives them a feeling of security but it […]


Why Aluminum and Vinyl Outlast Wood

                     It’s no secret that vinyl and aluminum survive the elements longer than wood, but do you know exactly why? Best Fence is here to inform you how wood deteriorates in Northeast Florida’s environment and that choosing to install a wooden fence will call for frequent […]

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Backyard Fun For Pets

We care about your animals like they are ours and want to make sure that you have peace of mind letting them out to play this summer. The Florida summers are brutal and there is nothing like spending a day out in the pool or hanging out in the backyard to relax. Having a fence […]


Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

  Summer time is right around the corner, the perfect time to grab the family and some friends to relax in the backyard and soak up the sun. Here are 5 things to consider for preparing your backyard for summer time, so that you can kick back and relax without a single worry!   1. […]


Screened-In Pool Enclosures vs. Pool Fences.

You may have seen houses with screened-in pool enclosures and houses with pool fences surrounding the pool. It’s February, that means Spring is right around the corner and if you have neither of these options, it may be time to start thinking about which one is best for you. There are pros and cons of […]


Nocatee: The Future

If you live in Northeast Florida, you may have heard of Nocatee. It’s kind of hard not to have heard about Nocatee living in Florida, especially since it’s the 3rd best-selling master-planned community in America. So what’s so special about Nocatee? Well, there is plenty to be excited about with this community. Nocatee offers a […]

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Adding Value to Your Fence

You just upgraded your old, rotting wooden fence to a new vinyl or aluminum one. You love the new fence, but you want to add more to it. You want a classic, yet beautiful feature without all the work. You want to grow vines along your fence! Vines are an easy, inexpensive way to add […]


4 Things to Ask When Hiring a Fence Company

Making the right decision about any big purchase is important, choosing the right company to execute this decision is even more essential. When it comes to your home, having a fence installed is more than just a quick trip to the store: you’re trusting someone to be consistently around your home working on your yard. […]

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