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New Homes + New Fences = Less Headaches

There’s a lot of thinking and planning that goes into building a new home. Once the home is built, there is still much more to plan out: the driveway, a pool, the backyard, the landscape, etc. One thing that is often dismissed at first is the placement of your fence. Well, this blog is here […]


Aluminum Fences: Always In Style

Adding a new fence is a great way to update the look of your home and give it some added style. If you are concerned about trying something new to spice up the look of your home, Best fence is here to tell you that you can’t go wrong with installing a new aluminum fence […]

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Fences and Neighbors; Keeping the Peace

It’s been joked about, it’s been portrayed in movies, it may even be a reality in your life; the constant struggle of keeping the peace between you and your neighbors about the placement or maintenance of fences. It doesn’t have to be a pain in your side if you follow these simple guidelines. Get the […]


Updating the Look of Your Home

Are you looking to spice up the look of your home but can’t come up with any ideas? Don’t worry, Best Fence has you covered! Updating the look of your home can be as simple as planting flowers or painting your home a new color, but have you ever thought about adding a stylish railing […]

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Update Your Home’s Look with Multi-Grain Vinyl Fencing

Not only is it important for your fence to be made with the right materials but with the right look for your home as well. Wood fencing is a popular choice of fencing material for it’s rich look but is bad for your pocket book since it warps, cracks, and requires constant maintenance. For the […]


How Our Clients Keep Best Fence “The Best”

At Best Fence Company of Jacksonville we’re not only focused on quality products but on providing you with excellent customer service and lasting results. It is our goal to provide the best products and quality service that every customer deserves. You shouldn’t just hear from us though. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. We encourage […]

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How Railings and Handrails Can Enhance Your Home

Need a safety barrier for your balcony? Maybe you want to put the finishing touches on that freshly painted deck. At Best Fence we offer a wide selection of vinyl and aluminum handrails and railings to add to your home or commercial building. All handrails and railing are custom manufactured in house so you receive […]

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Add Value To Your Property This Summer With Best Fence

Best Fence Company of Jacksonville is Northeast Florida’s leading fabricator of  V inyl and Aluminum Fences for residential and commercial clients. Fencing is a beautiful investment for your home and adds value to your property. It is our mission to fabricate and install the highest quality product at a competitive price while providing unsurpassed customer […]


The Advantages of a Vinyl Pool Fence

When you think of a fence surrounding a pool, what type of fence do you envision? Most of the time, it’s an aluminum fence. Aluminum fences are great options for simplicity, stability and reliability, but have you ever considered what a vinyl fence could do for your backyard? Vinyl fences can add the decorative style […]


Adding Value to Your Property

When people are in the market to buy a house they often have their “Must Have” list and a yard with a fence is almost always on that list. Having a fence already on the property is a big perk to many potential buyers. It not only gives them a feeling of security but it […]

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