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The Perks of Having a Fence During BBQ Season

Did you know that July is National Grilling Month? After a year stuck inside without much social interaction, backyard grills are the perfect way to hang out with your friends and family in a safe, open environment. Whether for the Fourth of July or just a nice weekend get-together, backyard barbecues are the perfect way […]


The Perks of Installing a Pool Fence this Summer

The arrival of summer means the arrival of pool season. As the days get hotter and longer, donning a bathing suit and leaping into the cool, clear water is a family favorite past time. While pools can be fun, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye—even with an adult or parent standing right […]


Protecting Your Fence from Weather Damage

Our fence being outside gets the brunt of the elements year after year. From the strong Florida sun to severe storms our fences take a beating. It’s common for your fence to need occasional maintenance but dealing with frequent maintenance due to an old, weak fence can become costly.  However, there are things you can […]


Benefits of Railing and Handrails for Your Home

Benefits of Railing and Handrails for Your Home Looking for a way to better enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home? One of the best ways is to have a deck, porch, or balcony around your home and create a comfortable space to lounge. If you have a raised outdoor area or are […]


Home Hurricane Preparedness for 2021

Did you know hurricane season officially begins next month? While it may not be the peak season the possibility of hurricanes making landfall rises with the temperatures and warming waters. It’s never too early to make sure your family and property is sufficiently prepared. Waiting to fortify your home and have a plan in place […]


Top Reasons to Install a Deck or Porch

Getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunny weather is one of the many appeals of springtime. The weather is especially pleasant in Florida during the spring and enjoying it from the comfort of your own home is even better. Having a deck or porch around your home is one of the best ways […]

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How to Maintain Style and Meet Florida Pool Safety Requirements

When it comes to residential and commercial swimming pools there are many regulations and building requirements to follow. Especially in Florida, not maintaining the requirements for a pool enclosure can result in your building project not being approved or potential legal action if an accident were to occur. However, with a pool enclosure you don’t […]


Best Fencing and Railing for Ocean-Side Homes

Living in Northeast Florida you probably don’t live too far from the ocean. While there are many advantages to living so close to the water, beachside living does present it’s own unique challenges. The high concentration of salt in the air combined with Florida’s hot, humid environment can wreak havoc on objects outside your home. […]


How to Prep Your Entire Home for Spring

Spring not only signifies a fresh new start, but many use it as a time for “spring cleaning” to tidy up, and possibly do some deep cleaning of their homes. Although, spring cleaning isn’t only for inside your home, but outside as well. With warmer weather already present in Florida you can get a jumpstart […]


Backyard Additions the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Having a backyard is a great choice for any home. A backyard provides a variety of opportunities for your household. It provides an area for kids and pets to play, to host parties or intimate dinners, and more. Your backyard is so much more than just another lawn to mow and you want to make […]

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