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Preventing Damage to Your Fence

Your fence may go through normal wear and tear over time, but there are some immediate damages to your fence that you may be able to prevent. Because it’s always important to be on the precautionary side, we have provided a list of tips and advice to ensure your fence is well prepared for a […]

Top 4th of July Destinations

1. New York City NYC is probably the most obvious 4th of July destination, but it’s also one of the best. You can go to a baseball game during the day or sightsee throughout the city. With so much to do to keep you busy during the day until the fantastic firework display at night, […]


Backyard Projects: DIY Garden Pots

From pots, garden boxes, seeds, fertilizer, and more…gardens can be expensive and confusing! Have you ever planted something then realized you didn’t label it or you have no idea what it is after it has sprouted? Well not anymore, here are 3 DIY Ideas that will help make your garden flourish with beauty and functionality! […]


Can a adding a fence to your yard increase the property value?

Many home owners debate if installing a fence is worth it. Well the debate is over! Installing a fence is definitely worth the money. Not only does a fence define your property line and look great, it increases the value of your home.   How does a fence increase your property value? The truth is, […]


Get your yard ready for summer time!

Getting your yard ready for summer time can be a daunting task. But with these helpful tips it should take you no time at all to have the best looking yard on the block this summer.   Step 1: Prepping the yard Prepping the yard for summer time is one of the biggest challenges many […]


What Fence Is Right For You?

They may be cute, cuddly, and fluffy but are rabbits and other critters destroying your hard work? Here are a few tricks that may help keep these critters out of your garden. Placing an inflatable snake around your garden can keep the rabbits from even thinking about getting close to it. The trick is to […]


How to Preserve Your Vinyl Fence

One reason vinyl fencing is so popular is that they’re very low maintenance once installed. However, there are still simple steps you can take to ensure your vinyl fence maintains its appearance and efficiency for many years. Clean the Fence Regularly The most efficient way to clean your vinyl fence will be to mix some […]

Fence Etiquette to Avoid Disputes with Neighbors

One of the best ways to be a good neighbor is to practice proper fence etiquette. When you follow local zoning regulations, make respectful choices, and maintain communication with your neighbors, you’ll be able to install a new fence and stay on amicable terms with them. As you plan your next fence project, keep the […]


5 Things to Know Before You Build a Fence

Know What Type of Fence You’re Looking For Before you install a fence, its important to first ask yourself the purpose of the fence. Are you trying to add a decorative element to your home? Maybe you’re trying to create privacy for your family? Whatever your purpose, a fence can function in many ways so […]

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