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Backyard Landscaping Project Ideas

Water Feature A water feature can become the focal point of any backyard, such as a natural-looking waterfall or stream. The calming sound of running water will make the yard a place of relaxation.   Structural Landscaping Try adding tiers or different levels to a flat backyard for more dimension. Terraces will do the trick. […]

Upgrade Your Backyard Without Breaking the Bank

If you are interested in upgrading your backyard in a cost-effective way, we’ve got some tips to help you transform your dream yard into a reality, without breaking the bank!   Creating designated spaces should be the first plan of action. Set aside space for a cooking area, play area, dining area, or lounge area. […]

Key Reasons to Have a Fence Installed

Privacy You may consider a tall privacy fence if your neighbor’s house is too close for comfort, or maybe your house has lots of windows. In fact, privacy is the one of the most common reasons to install a fence. Animal Control A fence can help keep children and your pets from getting out, while […]

Top Golf Courses in Florida

The state of Florida has been well known for having some of the best golf courses in the world. With so many golf courses in the state, we’ve decided to highlight our top 5 favorite courses in Florida. 1. The Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass Located in Ponte Vedra Beach, the stadium course is one […]


Ornamental Vinyl

If you are looking to have a fence installed around your home, then an ornamental vinyl fence may be the right fencing for you. Vinyl fences are a great choice because they are practically maintenance free, as they will not deteriorate, chip, warp, crack, or peel like wood.   Vinyl fence at Best Fence Company […]

Ornamental Aluminum Fences

Ornamental aluminum fences are one of the top selling fences today. It is perfect for residents looking to fence off their pool or create a type of barrier between their backyard and the lake behind their home. Best Fence offers a variety of colors to choose from including black, white, Florida bronze, light bronze, green […]

Best Backyards in the World

1. Ice Hockey Rink: Anytime you have a legitimate hockey rink in your backyard, your yard is going to rank high on any backyard list especially if children are doing the rankings. Imagine being able to go ice skating whenever you want, as long as it’s still winter of course. 2. Tree House: I […]

Preventing Damage to Your Fence

Your fence may go through normal wear and tear over time, but there are some immediate damages to your fence that you may be able to prevent. Because it’s always important to be on the precautionary side, we have provided a list of tips and advice to ensure your fence is well prepared for a […]

Top 4th of July Destinations

1. New York City NYC is probably the most obvious 4th of July destination, but it’s also one of the best. You can go to a baseball game during the day or sightsee throughout the city. With so much to do to keep you busy during the day until the fantastic firework display at night, […]


Backyard Projects: DIY Garden Pots

From pots, garden boxes, seeds, fertilizer, and more…gardens can be expensive and confusing! Have you ever planted something then realized you didn’t label it or you have no idea what it is after it has sprouted? Well not anymore, here are 3 DIY Ideas that will help make your garden flourish with beauty and functionality! […]

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